Terms of Contents

After weeks of hard work, this is the first version of the "Panoye Terms of Contents" document:

Panoye - terms of service
  • Panoye is a website intended for the presentation of panoramic photographs. A panoramic photograph is any photograph covering over 120° horizontally.
  • By registering on Panoye you agree to all the terms and conditions of this document.
  • Registration to Panoye is free. Every user may have only one user account within which all available options may be used. Every user is provided with a page containing a list of his panoramas, a short text and a link to his personal website.
  • Every user is allowed to upload the maximum of 4 panoramic photographs per day.
  • Photographs have to be panoramic and not contain offensive contents. Every photograph may be uploaded only once.
  • The site administrators may remove photographs they find inappropriate, according to the criteria set in this document.
  • The site administrators may erase unwarranted advertisement comments («spam»).
  • The webmaster is obliged to respect the copyrights of contributing photographers. Every page featuring a photograph is going to contain a link to the photographer's Panoye site.
  • Any user not upholding the terms and conditions of this document may be denied access to Panoye by the administrators.
Using Panoye.com contents
  • Widgets (html which can be copied to other web pages) may be used without asking for permission only for noncommercial websites.
  • In case you would like to use Panoye contents on commercial websites, you are obliged to contact the owner of the photograph and the Panoye webmaster for permission.
  • In case you are using widgets, you must not, under any circumstances, remove the links to the users' websites and the links to other panoramas at Panoye.
  • Texts such as photograph descriptions, comments, forum contents are the intellectual property of their respective authors. If you would like to use them, you have to contact their authors.
  • Texts which are property of the webmaster (e. g. blog contents) may be used, provided you include the name of the text author and the link to Panoye. 
Do you think the terms are OK? If you don't agree or if you find any error - comment or email me.


  1. You should add a term stating that you are allowed to upload only content which you are the owner or legal representative, and that you reserve right to remove any content you just inappropriate or stolen or requested by justice ;)

    Good work


  2. Vincen: Ups :) Weeks of hard work and I forgot the most important sentence in the document. Shame on me...

    I'l add it.

    Thanks for comments!