Panoye upgrade, flickr...

I'm preparing for a new upgrade of panoye. It includes:
  • "Suggest" a new/better location/orientation for panoramas
  • Better upload wizard (no need to upload image twice if you forget some text field)
  • Widget with user's new panoramas
  • + a few minor bug fixes...
But I had to give up the idea of import images directly from Flickr. There is a problem I haven't been able to solve...

Listing all user's panoramas, importing data (title, map position, description and tags) was easy to implement. But the problem is with image sizes. When you upload an image - flickr creates five different versions of your photo (see example). With Flickr API - it is possible to get the url of each of those five different images (and then import it on panoye). But the biggest is only 1024 pixels wide - still to small for panoye...

It would be ideal if it is possible to locate the original image (instead of those five versions). But it is not. Or, to be precise - sometimes it is, sometimes it is not - it depends on the type us user ("pro" or "normal") and the licence. But for most images - only the 1024 pixels wide images are available :(

Anyway, the new version will be online tomorrow. Just upgraded! ;)


  1. Thank you for listening to my suggestions, trying to implement them, and writing me back (after even myself forgot about it!)

    will have a look on your webservice again ;)


  2. No problem thxmil ;)

    Anyway, I saw your email, I'll upload a new test version for you next week.

  3. Day by day this site is growing up pretty good...