Misfortune while doing a spherical pano :(

If you try to make a spherical panorama in a cold, wet and muddy place like the Baredine cave, and if you are not careful enough - this is what happens:

Well... Yes, this crack is from my Canon 300D... My brother said he can fix it (I hope he is right) and is trying right now. But for the moment - I'm without camera.


Update: My brother fixed it - it works again. Thanks Bro' ! ;-)


  1. :(
    I can see it's the 18-55mm lens that comes with the camera. The best thing you can do now is inverting a bit of money in a new (and better) lens. Because it's the really important thing.
    So don't bother about it and spend your money!

  2. @Bernie: My brother is a genious, he fixed it. I can't believe but it is true! :)