Panoye framework

A few month ago I decided to go open source. Not all of the code from Panoye, only one part - the framework. So, if you want to take a look on this code, search for bugs, you can download it here: http://code.google.com/p/panoye-f/.

The framework consists of PHP scripts and classes which are not specific to Panoye and can be used for any PHP5 powered site.

The most important technical details od panoye-f framework are:
  • Small and lightweight,
  • It has its own ORM (Object Relation Mapping) classes,
  • Code creation (ORM and CRUD) from database tables,
  • Filesystem (gzipped) caching for pages,
  • Automatic class loading (no need to import, require or require_once),
  • Unit testing,
  • Lots of utility classes (Strings, RSSBuilder, SitemapBuilder, HtmlLexer, ...),
  • Sql, DbIterator and AppObject, Date and Timestamp classes fordatabase programming and ORM,
  • Automatic creation of search engine friendly links for objects in database.
  • Etc.

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