Panoramic heads

Just received my first panoramic head:

More about panosaurus and panoramic heads soon...


panoye @ web.start

Just a few words on my 10-minute web.start presentation. The first few minutes consisted of this short presentation about panoramic photography (it is in Croatian):

After the presentation I wanted to show how panoye works. But... It was a Windows Vista PC and the internet connection was broken!

I consider myself a good computer specialist but I don't like Vista. I tried it once (for half an hour) and then returned to XP and (my favourite) Ubuntu linux.

There, in front of all those people listening to me I was trying to reconnect to the net. But didn't know how to do it. One of the organisers tried to help me, but he too failed. It took 10 minutes (and three IT specialist!) to reach the internet :) The rest of the presentation continued smoothly with quite a few questions about the site and panoramic photography.


Panoye on lifehacker

It was a difficult day - yesterday. Not difficult for me personally, but for the tiny linux server where panoye.com lives. Yesterday one of the most popular blogs on the internet published an article on panoye: lifehacker.

Just a few words for all new users. Panoye is a work-in-progress. There are many things to do, and a few will be ready this month:
  • direct import of panoramas from Flickr,
  • suggestion for better location/orientation of panorama (i.e. if you find a misplaced panorama -- it will be possible to "suggest" a better location on a map),
  • + a few minor bugs resolved
Feel free to ask, feel free to use panoye... And feel free to complain if something doesn't work as it should ;)



Web.Start is the first conference in Southeastern Europe focused exclusively on Web application development and Web startups.
Wikipedians wrote that a "Startup" is a recently formed company and that means Panoye is not a startup (it is not a company). But anyway... The organizers of Web.Start have invited me to present our panoramic photo-sharing site. I'm very happy about that but also a little bit nervous :)

If you are around Zagreb -- my presentation will be on May 9. at 16:50. Do come if you are interested in Panoye or other Croatian startups/web projects ;)