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Flash panoramas

You all know panoramic images on panoye can be viewed in two ways: default and java viewer (thanks to Helmut Dersch's ptviewer applet).

But, since java is becoming less popular - more and more people couldn't use the second option. Thanks to Denis Chumakov's flash player, after today's upgrade you can use flash player to see all 360° panoramas.

Here's an example, Marvic's "Muela De Urbion";

To move - click on the panorama and move the mouse arrow left or right.


Search panoye

Samer is right:
Wish list: a search box. Strangely abscent.
He is not the only one to complain about the lack of search on panoye. This is something I'm been thinking for some time... Is it better to make search by coordinates, by tags, by description, by technical description, by user name, by... ?

I admit, we programmers tend to complicate things... Sometimes ;)

My girlfriend told me today morning:
Why don't you make something simple -- something like Google search.
...and she is right. So I did it... Not only like Google search, but exactly Google search for pages on www.panoye.com. The search box is on the main page below the latest comments:

Or here: http://www.panoye.com/search-index.html

PS. You all probably noticed that the development of the site slowed down in the last few weeks. I'm moving to a new home... But weekly upgrades will return soon :)